Do this 30 minutes a day and improve your Mathematics

Mathematics is probably the most hated subject but as a student, I never had a problem with Mathematics. While my friends found the subject hard, I found it easy. I didn’t understand why they were finding it hard as a student.

I am a teacher now. After years of experience in teaching, I have found the reasons why students find Mathematics hard and how they can improve it.

  1. Note down all the formulas in a book and memorize them daily:

In Maths, there are a lot of formulas that one needs to memorize. The problem is majority of the students move from one chapter to another and forget the previous ones completely.

Students should make a separate book for noting down all the formulas. They should read it daily for 15 minutes. 15 minutes of full focus only on memorizing the formulas will help in the long run.

2. Read the question properly:

Most of the students don’t read the questions properly. They use the wrong formula due to that and the whole answer goes wrong. For example, the question is about finding the area of the rectangle and the student ends up finding the perimeter of the rectangle. If the student reads the question properly, the chances of such errors will reduce to a great extent.

3. Avoiding silly mistakes by rechecking the sums:

Students sometimes make silly mistakes in addition, subtraction, multiplication or division and end up losing marks due to that. They can avoid this by rechecking the sums and by not getting distracted.

4. Never hurry while using the multiplication sign rule:

Below is the multiplication sign rule.

Whenever a question like this comes up where multiplication sign rule has to be used, students should do it slowly with full concentration. If they try to hurry, whole answer will get wrong. So never hurry.

5. Memorize Multiplication Tables till 20:

Half the students don’t know the multiplication tables till 20 fully. They know most of them but not all of them. They make mistakes in multiplication due to this. They think that they know but they don’t. Students should give oral test of these tables to their parents once a week. It will help a lot in the long term.

6. Practice daily:

All the above steps are useless if students don’t practice. Practice every day for at least 15 minutes. You will make a lot of mistakes in the beginning but you’ll see a marginal improvement in a month and a lot of improvement in a year. If you can practice more, it is even better.

Hope it helps.

An Online teacher and a writer